Development Of Interactive Learning Media Using Articulate Storyline There On Flat Building Materials

Novita Anggraini, Resyi Abdul Gani, Nurlinda Safitri Safitri


Developing Interactive Learning Aids with Flat Shape Clear Storyline 3 Content aims to identify the development and feasibility of multimedia development. The research methodology for Class IV-C SDN Julang research topic is research and development using the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) methodology . The tools used in this study are a media expert, a linguist and content expert, a total of 3 expert verification pages, a student and teacher response tool, and a pretest and posttest tool . Validation scores averaged 93.7% on "very good" quality, and N-Gain scores on pre- and posttest scores on "high" quality were 0.70 , and student responses were 98.7%. 88% of teachers rated it as 'very good'. Based on the results obtained, the development of an interactive learning tool using Articulate Storyline Three meets the development compatibility and feasibility criteria, especially for flat format learning materials.

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